(Ringing in the ears) Assessment and Treatment

May 20 at 9.00-10.30pm Webinar

  • Number of Participants 100 Person
  • Course Duration 1½ Hours
  • Price 150 TL
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Michiel TROUW

Michiel TROUW


He graduated from the University of Utrecht (Netherlands) in 1992. He attended manual therapy advanced training and finished with an OMT degree (ifompt). Since then he has been working as a manual therapist and physiotherapist in his own clinic. His specialty is treating patients with complaints in the head, neck and face area. He holds a master’s degree in manual therapy (NVMT).

He has been an instructor in CRAFTA® training programs since 2011.


• What is tinnitus? What are the symptoms?

• Which techniques are applied during the assessment?

• What should we consider while planning the treatment plan?

• Treatment approaches and their application methods

• Question and Answer