Maitland Concept

Maitland Concept

Orthopedic Manual Therapy Training / Level 1

1. Week // 31.08 - 4.09.2021

  • Number of Participants 18 Participants
  • Course Duration 5 Days 4 Weeks
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  • Certification IMTA Internationally Valid Certificate
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Werner Nafzger

Werner Nafzger

Dipl. PT FH, Bsc, PT OMT, IMTA Instructor

In 1999, he gave trainings under the International Maitland Trainers Association (IMTA). He teaches postgraduate manipulative therapy courses from Japan to Switzerland, from Germany to Egypt. He was a member of the IMTA Board of Directors between 1999-2003. His areas of specialization are clinical evaluation of vertebral dysfunction and chronic pain pattern.



The Maitland® concept is a clinical treatment approach first developed in the 1960s by Australian physiotherapist G. D. Maitland. This approach has been continuously developed and adapted from its first emergence to this day, to help physiotherapists evaluate existing scientific knowledge and evidence and incorporate it into patient management.

The training of the IMTA program is provided worldwide. With the start of the training program, the evaluation and treatment of the musculoskeletal system and neural structures of the entire spine will begin from the first lesson. Special focus will be placed on how to assess and treat patients individually, based on the biopsychosocial model and integrating existing evidence.

In this way, you will be able to directly transfer what you have learned through treatment sessions under the supervision of IMTA instructors.


The focus of IMTA’s education system is clinical skills. Our training is based on the standards of the International Federation of Orthopedic Manual Therapists (IFOMPT).

Postgraduate level training is given for 11 weeks in the field of neuromusculoskeletal physiotherapy. Education system; It consists of a total of 4 modules that include a total of 440 hours of theoretical and applied courses with self-directed and instructor-directed learning.

In the trainings, you will deepen your thinking about the problem and learn to apply it to your clinical practice.

In addition to the lectures given in the education program, comprehensive handbooks and a course book prepared specifically for the subject will be given. Also, your access to IMTA’s video platform will be provided free of charge.

Level 1 – foundations of manual therapy
4 weeks
EU academic level 6

Basics Maitland® Concept


Clinical Reasoning

Assessment & Treatment techniques all body areas


Level 2a – underpinning concepts and
developing skills
2 weeks
EU academic level 7


Biomechanics of the spine

Combined movements


Clinical patterns

Level 2b – advanced skills and reasoning
2 weeks
EU academic level 7

Cervical instability

HVT Grade 5

Lumbar instability

Clinical reasoning

Pain mechanisms

Level 3 – integrating approaches
3 weeks
EU academic level 7

Pain management

Muscle balance lower extremities

Craniomandibular dysfunction & dysfunction of cranium

IMTA Accreditation Examination
1 day

Written examination (MCQ)

Critical reflection of a given article

Practical skills assessment

Case based assessment of clinical reasoning and practical skills

Award of IMTA Certificate of Clinical Competence


 Thanks to this 4-week Level 1 ‘Fundamentals of Manual Therapy’ training, the participants will be able to achieve below points;

·      The Maitland® concept and ideology, the ability to think within the framework of a patient-centered biopsychosocial model and the role of the Maitland® concept in a modern clinical understanding,

·      Evaluation, interpretation and specific treatment of movement disorders with a focus on peripheral neurobiological mechanisms,

·      Evaluation and treatment methods of all vertebral column, craniomandibular dysfunctions, all peripheral joints and neuromuscular structures,

·      Within the framework of Maitland® concept, in addition to passive joint mobilizations and manipulations on all body limbs and spine, neurodynamic techniques, muscle stretching, stabilization exercises and personalized home programs,

·      Red-yellow flags and others to take appropriate measures in treatment and how to plan and apply an effective treatment,

They will acquire detailed theoretical information about such subjects, create a practical infrastructure and thus have sufficient equipment for practice.


At the same time, the participants;

·      Will be able to treat patients under the supervision of IMTA instructors,

·      Will be able to follow the instructors who show the patient evaluation and management in the most important details.

Maitland Concept Website

Introducing the IMTA and Maitland Concept Video

Course Fee,

Level 1 – 4 weeks covers all 20 days of training.

Until 1 June 1400 Euro VAT.

If the course registration is more than 4 people, it is 1300 Euro VAT.


VAT is 1600 Euros after 1 June.

If the course registration is more than 4 people, it is 1500 Euro VAT.

You can call +90.535 362 95 47 for detailed information and registration.

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