CRAFTA Assessment and treatment of

CRAFTA Assessment and treatment of

the cranio-cervical-facial region

28 April at 20.30

  • Number of Participants 500 person
  • Course Duration 2 hours
  • Price Free
  • Certification ---
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Harry Von Piekartz

Harry Von Piekartz

Prof. Dr. PhD,MSc,PT,MT


In this webinar, CRAFTA® Instructor Prof.Dr .Harry Von Piekartz Dr.PhD,MSc,PT,MT   will give a brief introduction to the CRAFTA® approach. CRAFTA®, aka the Cranio Facial Therapy Academy, has partnered with Medikurs in bringing their unique and state-of-the-art approach to Cranio-Cervical-Facial Dysfunctions to physical therapists, dentists, and speech pathologists in the Turkey. Mrs. Von Piekartz will also present an overview of current evidence in the field of cranio-cervical-facial dysfunction, illustrated by an interesting case study. Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn more about the CRAFTA® approach!